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FiT Feed In Tariff

We don’t ever want one of our customers to receive a bill and not be aware what all the charges are for. No one wants to be confused over a charge but we’re conscious you’re busy running a business and don’t always have time to question what they’re all for. That’s why, currently, we’re writing […]

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RO Renewable Obligations

Continuing our blog series on Non-Commodity Charges, today we’re discussing an important charge on your bill: The RO Renewables Obligation. This charge has been introduced by the government to support large scale renewable electricity generation in the UK. To summarise: all licensed electricity suppliers are obligated to source a growing proportion of the electricity that […]

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CFD Contract for Difference

Our current blog series is based around the non-commodity costs of your bill. In today’s blog, we will discuss the CFD Contract for Difference. We firmly believe in shedding light on aspects customers may not have previously understood about their bills- knowing what you’re paying for is important. Whilst the energy industry, full of legislation […]

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TUOS Transmission Use of System

Last week we discussed the Distribution Use of System- the cost of distributing electricity across the national network so make sure to catch up on that post. Following on from this, the TUOS Transmission Network Use of System is the process of recovering the cost of running and maintaining the national grid. To summarise the […]

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DUOS Distribution use of system

The  DUOS Distribution use of System is the recovering of the cost of distributing electricity across the national network. These Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) distribute electricity around the UK- licensed by Ofgem. You might have noticed this charge on your electricity bill- everyone’s bill contains a charge which covers the cost of distributing energy and […]

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